Thursday, 18 August 2016

Never give up.

Derek Redmond is a runner for Britain and he was stretching.He was feeling Nervous . I think  he was touching his face.The  race was in 1992 He was feeling happy.

Derek Redmond got hurt at 150 meters  long. He was in a lot of pain he just Wanted to Finish the race he was so so sad because he did a lot of practice he did it for 4 years that is a lot of practice then his hamstring ripd.

Derek got help from his father. His father softly push people away.Derek did a lot of practice. He just wanted to Reach  the finish line. Olympics, Paralympics and ...


  1. Hey paschal I like your writing but you should add more detail to your last writing .

  2. Hello Paschal. You are very good at writing about how people feel and you always use capital letters. Do you still have the photo with the speech bubbles?