Friday, 26 August 2016

100 Metre Sprints.

Cross Country

On Friday 19th August Pt England had cross country. We had to run 1 kilometre we only did 1 lap and the year 8+7 had to 2.There was a team called Te Aurere, Hine Moana, Hokule’a and this is the list team is Hikianalia.

Tisa came 1st for year 4 boy he is a very fast boy he is the fastest year 4 the be   I was running fast then I came 7th.I am in Hine Moana.

On the photos on the bottom on the right  that is my best  friend Tisa and on the top on life my other friend Aj.Tisa came 1st and aj came 9th

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Never give up.

Derek Redmond is a runner for Britain and he was stretching.He was feeling Nervous . I think  he was touching his face.The  race was in 1992 He was feeling happy.

Derek Redmond got hurt at 150 meters  long. He was in a lot of pain he just Wanted to Finish the race he was so so sad because he did a lot of practice he did it for 4 years that is a lot of practice then his hamstring ripd.

Derek got help from his father. His father softly push people away.Derek did a lot of practice. He just wanted to Reach  the finish line. Olympics, Paralympics and ...

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Katinka Hosszu is a champion

I am Katinka and I am from Hungary  I love swimming.I beat the world record and I am the fastest swimmer.I am strong like Usain Bolt.When I swim I always need togs goggs and a cap.My Coach is my Husband and he well alway Want to win. The world record was hard to beat and We had to do sex lapse We have to do backstroke butterfly  and freestyle. My husband was shouting my name out Loud I was so happy when I saw the Golden middle I was so excited to get it. I wasn't scared to go upstairs It was fun. I think I can catch up to Michael Phelps I think I am the second fastest in the whole wide world. I am proud of myself for coming first I hope I win another 4 years It will be very cool to come first.

Before the race I was happy Because I did a lot of practice.It was so cool when I was swimming I knew I was going to win I was so happy to be the world record I was very happy when I beat the world record My husband was Shane on That's what Made me confidence. Doing the race I was very tired  And scared because I thought someone was going to beat me.when My husband was Shane on I was move faster and faster I Puffing So loud .I was so excited when I finished something happens...

When I beat the world record I was so happy that I won it was so cool.I finish and the time was 4 mins and 26 Seconds I was so proud of that time the Person Who came second was 5 seconds away That  was so close.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Olympic 2016

The Olympic Rings represent each nations like blue sant for
New Zealand and Australia and black sants for Africa.The ring I go for is blue and black.I go for blue because it is one of my favorite colour.I like blue because I like New Zealand Rugby 7 team.

In Olympics there is 207 nations completing Rio Olympics.I go New Zealand. American and Samoa.  fiji.  Jamaica. Mexico.

Jamaica has 59 athletes. I like Jamaica because Usain Bolt I like Usain Bolt because he’s he fasts homn been in Earth.Usain Bolt has 6 pack he does a lot of work.