Thursday, 19 October 2017

Paschal Immersion Assembly Writing

On Monday  16th of october we came back to school from the holidays. We all went to the hall for an assembly.  This term the topic  is musical madness. Mr Burt, Mrs Nua, Mr Jacobson, Mr Somerville and Mr Wiseman were playing  a song when all the classes were in the hall. Mr Jacobson was playing a trumpet. Mr burt was playing his guitar. Mr Somerville was playing the drums. Mrs Mua was singing and mr wiseman was playing the bass. Team 1 were playing songs about how they feel. Team 2 was making their own instruments. Team 3 was telling stories with music by using their favourite songs and Team 5 did songs in movie that were scary and funny. This term team 4’s is looking at making songs and making their rides fun with some cool songs. We are also looking at making instruments.   I would like to learn about why people make songs and how eminem became the rap god. Also I want to learn how people rap so fast just like eminem. I am so excited for term 4 because the topic sounds so fun.