Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Paschal's can he save her

Once there was a boy name peter who loved spider’s. When he was 18 he went to spider cave with a touch so he can see. There was lot of spider’s on the roof when he was walking out a spider jumped off the roof and onto his neck and bit him. When he went to school the next-day every-thing he touches it will sick onto  his hand. So when he had lunch he didn't eat while he was sitting there looking at his food some bully’s came to him and got his plate and throwed it at his face then they were laughing at then he got there basketball asked them for a game. After the bully picked his team the game started it was 5 each side but peter did not pick a team then peter got the ball first it was up to 5 peter sidestep the whole team then the bully went to block peter then he jumped over him a dunked then the bully went for a 3 pointer then peter jumped so high he blocked it and got the ball and got a three pointer and got 5 points. And he won.
After school they threw  the ball at him then he got angry peter threw it very hard back at his tummy when it hit his tummy he could not breathe so his friend took him to a doctor. When he got home he tried so hard  to open the door and he broke the door by accident then he kicked the the door off his hand when he was on his laptop while he was tap the keys the keys were sicked to his finger.

When he was looking for his uniform for school he found a box when opened it it was a suit that looked like a spider and it was blue and red. After a few minutes he wanted to be a hero he said to himself  he should be spider-man. The next day the bully drink some-thing poisoned that after he drink it he was turning green the his nose went long and he turned into kill-croc he went around new-york city throwing all the cars off a bridge but spider-man got in his suit and saved all the cars with his spider webs he saved all the people in the cars then killer-croc there another car down a little boy inside then he spider-man did the same thing like he did to the other’s but when he got down to the car he broke the web was ripping when the car was falling spider-man used his web to garp the kid then spider-man started to climb his web then he saved all the people’s life when kill-croc was trying to run a way spider-man was following him when he went down the drain spider-man ask him for a fight  killer-croc came back up and said yes when they were fighting killer-croc saw a another croc that was a girl killer-croc was feeling dizzy  then when spider-man knew that killer-croc was feeling dizzy  spider-man finished him off. After he died spider-man got a big knife and halved  his body and threw his body in the water THE END.