Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Bye Guys

Bye guys see you next year when I am a year 7.

Year 6 Camp

On the 20th of november the years 6’s from Pt England school went to camp bentzon on kawau island. We had a awesome time.

First we had to get to school by 7:15. Then we had a talk before we had to jumped on the bus to get to Sandspit. After that we had to unload our bags from the bus onto the fairy then the capin of the ship came and told us the rules for the fairy. The fairy's name was Kawau Kat. after all of that traveling we got there. Then we walked up killer hill, killa hill is called killer hill because we are killing it but sometimes it will killing us.

The next day was the day we started our activities. We were told we were getting wet the hole day. Our first activity was kayaking, we kayaked to stingray bay where we saw lots of stingrays there were even eagle rays. Then we had to try and stand and kayak, when I stood up I straight away fell. It was scary because I thought the stingray was gonna come and sting me with its tale then the lady who runs the camp helped me her name is eren and her husband peter. The we had lunch after that we walked down to the beach so we can raft a boat that can try and get to the ponton so we made it and put it in the water it straight away sinked and we lost. Next we went to bivouac where we had to build a house that our whole team can fit in but we forgot the water so we just built it without any water. It was kinda fun because we didn't get wet. Our next activities was sailing it was fun because we were going back and forward, it was peter who was running the sailing.

It was 3rd day of year 6 camp and our first activite was the concourse. It was about us beating our fairs like heights we had to climb lots of stuff there was one where we’d had to climb this tall thing. The man who was running it was a man, named Mr jacobson when we got to the top he would say hug your mumma. Which meant hug the pole and get on the other side and climb down. Our next activite was burma we had to get a partner, and one of us had to put on a blindfold and my partner would guard me through the woods till we get back to camp. Next we had orienteering, it was a pretty hard activate for me because we had to find lots of words that were hidden we had a paper of cules too help us find them. We had to climb some of killer hill to find some words. Our last activity was abseiling, it was hard because the wall was so tall we had to climb up and climb down. We were so lucky that she was a pro at abseiling her name was maddie. After we all had a turn some people from some other teams came and had a another turn.

I’d like to say thank you to peter and eran for this camp on kawau island. I also wanna thank the bus driver for taking us to sand spit and the captain of the ship for taking us to kawau island.I liked to thank all the helpers who helped us to get to year 6 camp

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Cave Art Animation

This is my cave art animation.

This is a story about a tribe going hunting after a t-rex. They found the T-Rex roaming around then they threw their spears at the t-rex. Then a tiger came and all the humans he was still hungry so he ate the t-rex as well.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Place Value Decimal

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task Description: In this task room 7 had to complete a decimal chart. This was written in words so some people had trouble with solving it. This was a bronze medal task so it was the easiest task for us.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Start of term 4

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

The holidays are over and it's time for school.It is time for term 4 and our theme about this term is art. We are going to learn about what is art.

I am so exciting for this term because of athletics. I also have year 6 camp out at khawa island.

At the end of this term we are going to be having a school prize giving. We also have film festival where our school share movie they've made with there teacher.

This term my goal is to try and listen more and not talk. My 2nd goal is to improve my maths and make the right choices. My 3rd goal is try go sleep early and not late

This term I want to learn about painting.I also want to learn about what is sketching. I would like to learn about some of the most famous painter in the world. I also want to improve my reading and writing.

I think term 4 is going to be fun because there is lots of fun things happening like camp and athletics. We also are going to learn about painting and lots of art. But the thing i'm looking forward to is film festival.
Task Description:
For this task we wrote about what this term is about and our goals for this term. We also learned how to write a proper conclusion. when i wrote this it was hard for me to think about what was coming up this term.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Words Per Minute

Walt: analyse data and display using a graph

Task Description: Today room 7 did a typing speeds test. We had to write as many word as we can in a minute My score was 19. Then we had to sort out the data and put it in a graph.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Walt: Write using humour.

Once upon a time there was a Goat named Josh he loved watching the movie minions. One day he order lots of minions and he had to wait for 6 hours. He fell asleep neck minute banana.

That day a box was at his door he went out and took the box in his house. When he opened it there were little yellow people inside the only word they can say is Banana. every day all they eat is Banana, they are very stupid one day they were taking photos of each-others bum bums.

The next day Josh played fortnite all-day the minions ask if they can play. Josh gave the controller to Kevin. Kevin threw the controller, Why you stupid little thing Why. Josh threw Kevin at the window and told him to go home you little banana.

Task Description: Today we had to write a funny little story about anything that pops up in your head.Today I wrote about a goat Named Josh who like minions.