Monday, 23 November 2015


Yesterday class 14 want to the museum to learn about dinosaurs and fossils and helpful parents came too. The coolest thing was the great white shark. I was very excited. I was smacking it like a baby. And the Macaf you wreck some class and it looks like you a in the game.


  1. Hi paschal I like that photo that you put on your blog ha ha it was funny because you said you were wacking the shark like a baby and I thing you spelled want ronag because it was went haha you were funny in that photo paschal from jazzelle

  2. Hi paschal I like your picture because look at your face it scared paschal did you feel nervous when you touch the shark or you were strong and brave when you touch it tell me paschal what was your favourite picture

  3. Hi Paschal i like you photo of the great white shark it looks so scary and I really like your writing you did some great writing keep up you great work and i also love your photo of the T-Rex head and I also like the egg
    Kap ap
    From Zamera